TravelChair featured on Channel 4 News

To support their Paralympics coverage the Channel 4 News has been carrying a piece entitled No Go Britain, which looked at the accessibility of public transport, both on the ground and in the air.

On Tuesday 4 September the 5 minute feature on the 7 o’Clock News focused on disabled peoples negative experiences of flying, but also featured our TravelChair test pilot Azaria using the TravelChair at the QEF Try b4u Fly test rig, which we hope will greatly improve disabled children’s experience of flying. You can read more about Azaria’s test flight in the TravelChair here

The feature was also linked to an article called ‘No Fly Britain: are disabled passengers being grounded which you can read here

Posted on November 07th, 2012
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New Hire Service

Now the Tryb4uFly assessment service is underway we are offering a hire service for our support seating systems.

So if the airline that you are flying with do not have the support seating you need then you can both hire and buy the items from QEF Mobility Services.

The price you pay to hire the items is calculated at a daily rate plus an initial administration charge.  Currently you can only use these items on UK registered airlines.

You will always need to give the airline a minimum of 48 hours notice if you wish to bring equipment on board.  It is best to organise this when first making the flight booking.

Please contact QEF Mobility Services to book an assessment or hire equipment on 0208 770 1151 or email on

Posted on September 07th, 2012
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TravelChair Certified by EASA

In order to be allowed on aircraft the MERU TravelChair required certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). TravelChair underwent some rigorous tests to ensure that its performance would not compromise passenger or aircraft safety in any way.

Happily we can announce that the EASA have now approved and certified the TravelChair so that it can be sold to airlines for their use.

A number of airlines; British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Monarch, have already expressed their interest.

Posted on July 09th, 2012
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